3 Ways The Pain of Your Childhood Can Make You A Better Mother

“ I don’t want to mess up my daughter the way my mom messed me up.”

“I want to be a better mother than the one I had.”

“I just want her to feel good about herself. “

If you are one of those mothers I have good news for you- read on.

You can turn straw into gold if you know what to do.

This kind of reflection yields ninja parenting chops.

You can see beneath the surface.

You see that…

Perhaps your greatest gift can be summed up in a word- empathy.

Because every child struggles with powerful emotions, even those in functional homes with good mothers. Your empathy makes you a better mother.

If you were the daughter, who took emotional care of mom chances are you are suffering from the “Good daughter” syndrome. To find out-go here.



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Katherine Fabrizio Daughtersrising.info

Katherine Fabrizio Empowers Daughters of Narcissistic/Borderline/Difficult Mothers who are trapped in the role of “Good Daughter” in psychotherapy and online.