Daughters of Difficult Mothers Who Are Raising Daughters- What It Takes

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Speaker 1: 00:00 I want to give a shout out to moms who are truly heroic in my book and that’s the mom who, despite having a very difficult impaired mother themselves, somehow managed to pull it out and come through as they’re raising a daughter even when their tank is empty.

New Speaker: 00:26 And that’s what it feels like if you’re not filled up with the good, good enough mother love when you’re raising your own daughter. And she is difficult at times.

New Speaker: 00:41 Of course children are difficult and you just don’t have anything to pull on. The mother that pulls the punch that doesn’t throw the criticism back at the daughter and doesn’t climb down to her level. And let’s face it, we all do every once in a while. But for those moms who. for the most part manage to not do that. I mean, that’s just, that’s just a level of heroism to me.

Speaker 1: 01:11 It’s also restorative and healing when mom can do that. But I think we shouldn’t ever underestimate, you know, like the mother who has a difficult or impaired mother herself and has an early preteen tell her, you know, she hates her or that she’s ugly or she’s mad at her…



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